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Lost in Yuma!?

Is there anything more embarrassing than realizing you put “Street” instead of “Drive” into your GPS unit and ended up across town in a residential neighborhood, instead of at your workshop, on time?

In spite of that, and several technological difficulties, we had a fun time playing with Web 2.0 tech in the AZ State Library Workshop in Yuma on Monday May 3. Slides, links and other resources follow:

Tech Slides:

Brain Slides:



Dewey Decimal Programing Exercise:

  • 500s – create your own bug – using scratch!
  • 398.2 – recreate a fairy tale in scratch (discuss fairy tale elements)
  • 500 – science experiments – you tube video
  • 600 – video demo of recipe (Iron chef!)
  • 700 – painting/photo contest via podcasting
  • 700 How to draw – make an avatar – post in library
  • 800 Hamlet on FB – make a FB page (Fiago’s podcast, text message etc)
  • 900 – ancient Egypt – dance like an Egyptian – design clothing too!

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