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Day in the Life of a Librarian meme

I’m a librarian who doesn’t regularly work in a library; I’m a freelance library consultant and trainer. I get to do some work at home, some on site, and some online. On Monday, July 14, I worked from home on a number of projects:

  • Dragged myself out of bed around 9, and tried to clean out my email box a little, responding to questions about upcoming DDR programs in libraries, working on the event proposal for YALSA‘s Midwinter Social Event with other task force members, and welcoming a new reviewer to the Hip Librarians Book Blog
  • Finalized plans for a trip to Glendale AZ. I’m heading there soon, for a a couple days as part of my grant evaluation duties for an LSTA grant they received to establish gaming programs.
  • Posted to the gaming blog, and worked on the gaming wiki. Our July Games in Libraries podcast was created at ALA, so that’s done for this month. I watched the Nintendo and Sony press conferences at E-3 on G4TV, and Twittered about them, and eventually created a blog post about what I perceived to be the highlights. Some of the information will be used as I complete my last chapter on my book on gaming at the library, which speculates about what the next 10 years will bring.
  • Kicked off week 2 of my online class for YALSA, Reaching Teens with Gaming by sending a message with the week’s assignments as a reminder to the 18 registered participants, and have responded to every post made on the discussion board. This week we are talking about non-gaming activities that appeal to gamers, like reader’s advisory and game discussion. The students generated GREAT booklists!
  • My Second Life Library Reference shift falls on Mondays. I log in as Cerulean Vesperia from 11-12 SL time. It’s a very quiet time of day, I see 4-5 visitors, about half are librarians. Questions are mostly SL directional (Where is?) and about the SL Library project. E-3 was a stronger drawer on my attention than SL.

I usually quit work around 5:30 and dash out to the grocery store for something for supper. I don’t cook (it’s best if I don’t!) but hubby does, if I do the shopping.


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Core Collections: Videogames for Libraries

Thanks to the Long Island Library Resource Council for hosting me at the Sachem Public Library in Stony Brook NY on Wednesday, July 23 for a session on Core Collections: Videogames for Libraries

Slides, as promised, are now online at Shareshare:

Bookmarks are online at

ALL of my current core collection recommendations are online at (YES, I added Orange Box!)

Other handouts:


Advocacy: Talking Points About Gaming in Libraries


Core Collections


Reader’s Advisory

VOYA article, “What Makes a Good Game, Anyway?

YALSA Teen Gaming Interest Group Fact Sheet

Also of interest:

Games and Public Performance/Copyright

Video Games 4 Librarians

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