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Mystery Reader’s Advisory to Youth

Thanks to the Boxford (MA) Village Library for inviting me to do a staff training on Reader’s Advisory: Mystery Genre for Youth. This is part of an ongoing series with grant funding provided through an IMLS/LSTA grant administered by the MA Board of Library Commissioners; additional funding is provided by the Friends of the Boxford Town Libraries.



Mystery Reader’s Advisory for Youth



Entire Session: Mystery Reader’s Advisory for Youth (57:24 min)


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Early Birthday Gift

I’ve been asking for a hardcover set of the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder since college. This year, when my mother asked what I wanted for my birthday, I pointed out that if she’d bought me one book a year since I started asking, I’d now have the whle set, in hardcover. I happened to hit her up right after she got her tax return, and to my shock, she sent hubby online to eBay and wrote him a check. The seller had all 9 books, plus 3 others, AND the cookbook and album. WOW! They are in great condition, with nice new book jackets, and only slightly yellowed pages. Happy early birthday to me! I wonder if I can get them all read before Alex award considerations begin arriving…

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What’s So Scary About Social Software?

Thanks to the Lynnfield (MA) Public Library for hosting my visit at the end of January! Participants may also be interested in the Darien Public Library’s 21 things for 21st century parents.


Whats’ So Scary About Social Software? handout


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Rhode Island Presentation

Thanks to the Rhode Island State Library for hosting me to demo board and video games and talk about gaming at the library on Monday February 1, 2010.



Games to Link to on the Library Website:

More about Unplug & Play:


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